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TREC and Leicester & Leicestershire’s Community Organisations work together to tackle social and economic exclusion

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We also provide volunteering opportunities where individuals can, to the benefit of all parties, join with the staff of the TREC in the pursuit of their mission in Leicester & Leicestershire

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The Racial Minority VCS Assembly

The Racial Minority VCS Assembly


About us

The Racial Minority Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Assembly facilitates opportunities for Racial Minority community and voluntary organisations to articulate the concerns and needs of Leicester’s Racial Minority Communities. The main purpose of the Assembly is to collectively increase the voice and influence of Racial Minority communities and ensure these communities are treated fairly and equally in the delivery of services, the distribution of resources, policy design and in decision making.



The Assembly’s main objectives in achieving its overall purpose are to:

  • Facilitate debate, discussion and action on issues relating to policy implementation and decision making to seek to prevent unfair disadvantages for Racial Minority communities.

  • Support the development of effective engagement and communication mechanisms so that Public Sector organisations understand the concerns of Racial Minority communities.

  • Advocate for the allocation of public resources in accordance with the needs that continue to exist in Racial Minority communities and in a manner that enables the equitable empowerment of Racial Minority communities and organisations.

  • To build the capacity and representation skills of Assembly members so there are better equipped to have voice and influence at strategic public sector forums and subgroups.



The Assembly has been in existence since 2009 and was set up initially to ensure meaningful representation of racial minority communities on the One Leicester Partnership (the then local strategic partnership).


The establishment of the Assembly helped to alleviate previous concerns and debate by Leicester’s Racial Minority voluntary and community sector organisations who felt that the voice and influence of Racial Minority communities had lacked recognition and had not been actively listened to when vital strategic and developmental decisions had been made for Leicester. Since becoming established the Assembly has provided the means for consultation and engagement with Leicester’s Racial Minority communities for the public sector. We have responded to consultation about policy matters where Racial Minority communities may be disadvantaged.


Assembly Structure

The Assembly has a membership of approximately 130 Racial Minority voluntary and community organisations from Leicester.


An Assembly steering group provides direction and leadership for the Assembly’s activities.


The Assembly is hosted by The Race Equality Centre, who provide the development and administrative support. The Race Equality Centre has recently been successful in obtaining financial support from Comic Relief to further develop the Assembly and extend its reach and impact in ensuring Racial Minority communities are listened to by strategic planners.


Current work

  • Evaluating the Assembly’s impact - Over the next few months we will be undertaking an evaluation of the effectiveness of the Assembly so far.

  • Consultations – The Assembly has recently responded to the first consultation on the development of Leicester’s Local Plan. The Assembly is in the process of establishing a way to have continuous involvement in the development of this plan over the next few months.

  • The Assembly is developing a calendar of events to bring members together to discuss relevant issues and highlight areas of concern for Racial Minority communities.

  • Leicester City Mayoral husting’s event – in the run-up to the election of a City Mayor for Leicester, we will be arranging an event for Assembly members to meet and question all the candidates about their intentions and the impact on Racial Minority communities.


Want to get involved in the Assembly?

If you would like to attend an Assembly event or meeting or sign up to become a member of the Racial Minority VCS Assembly, please contact The Race Equality Centre using the contact details below.


Want to work with the Assembly?

If you are public sector organisation and would like to attend Assembly meetings, consult or communicate with the Assembly, please contact The Race Equality Centre using the contact details below.


Contact the Assembly

For more information about the Assembly, how to join or work with the Assembly, please contact the administrator on 0116 2042790 xtn 1 or email: