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TREC and Leicester & Leicestershire’s Community Organisations work together to tackle social and economic exclusion

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We also provide volunteering opportunities where individuals can, to the benefit of all parties, join with the staff of the TREC in the pursuit of their mission in Leicester & Leicestershire

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Together We Won The War - Exhibition

Contributions of Asia, Africa and Caribbean to World War 1 remembered.


The Race Equality Centre has launched an exhibition to highlight the contribution of Britain’s Racial Minority Communities in World War 1 to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

Asian, African and Caribbean troops all played a significant part in supporting the war effort. The exhibition showcases how individuals from across the world were recruited into the British armed forces, the different roles they played in the war, including the battles that were predominantly fought using soldiers from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean and, some of the heroes amongst them. The preservation of this heritage is important to make future generations aware of the significant roles played by their forefathers in World War 1.


Educational resources in the form of an information booklet and activity sheets accompany the exhibition to support schools and other organisations involved with children and young people in raising the awareness of the bravery of those who took part in the war, countering the belief by some (of all nationalities) that the British Army was homogenous.

The Rt. Honourable Keith Vaz MP on opening the exhibition said...

‘I am delighted that TREC has developed and launched this important historical exhibition to remind us of the vital roles played by other countries to support Britain in the war effort. I am pleased to have opened something as significant as this, which has national recognition, in my home town of Leicester.’


In viewing the exhibition, the Chair of TREC Surinder Sharma stated…

‘Together we won the War’ is yet another excellent project undertaken by TREC. The exhibition and accompanying resources manages to expose a major historical reality that people may not have been aware of and brings to light, the bravery and heroic accomplishments of the many soldiers who were injured, missing, and/or lost their lives during WW1.



WW1 quotes from visitors.

‘An inspiring exhibition, makes me realise how we helped to win the war’


‘An amazing experience just being in the room and listening to the video..’


‘Well done. This is a marvellous exhibition which showcases superbly the combined contributions of soldiers from all across the Empire. A must see for adults and children alike. I was particularly honoured to have provided the voiceover for my personal hero Hardit Singh Malik’


‘An informative and highly engaging exhibition. This should be repeated for World War II’


‘The exhibition was well thought out. An eye opener of information and very interesting. Made me realise different parts of the war that I have never known before.’


‘Thank you very much! A very informative and inspiring exhibition. This enlightened my whole ‘knowledge’ of the World War – I was not aware of most of this, especially the great contribution of the Caribbean. I’m from the Caribbean and that bit of the history was not taught so thank you loads again’


‘Fabulous exhibition. So many facts that I never knew about. Very informative and educational. So very sad and emotional. I leave a better person knowing how hard my brothers fought in the war effort. I owe much to them for their bravery’


‘A brilliant exhibition….fantastic! This definitely needs to be in the curriculum. Extremely informative, it’s vital that our children know and understand their history, bringing my children and friends.’


‘I feel all high school children should know this history – for English kids to know how their Asian/African friends came here and for kids with Asian/African ancestors to now their proud history.'


  1. For further information, please contact:
    Anamaria Garcia Tel: 0116 2042792 xtn 1.
  2. The Race Equality Centre in Leicester and Leicestershire (TREC) - is a voluntary organisation that was established under the name of the Leicester Racial Equality Council in 1991. We exist to challenge race discrimination as defined by the Equality Act 2010 and strengthened by the Human Rights Act 1998. TREC undertakes its work through community development, public education, policy development, training, research, advice, support and advocacy.

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