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My Journey - From Syria to Leicester
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TREC and Leicester & Leicestershire’s Community Organisations work together to tackle social and economic exclusion

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The Race Equality Centre 50th Anniversary
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This is a rough guide to your basic rights on arrest.
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We also provide volunteering opportunities where individuals can, to the benefit of all parties, join with the staff of the TREC in the pursuit of their mission in Leicester & Leicestershire

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The Crisis of British National Identity


The University of Leicester’s Unit for Diversity Inclusion and Community Development (DICE) are holding an event titled The Crisis of British National Identity. It will be a lecture given by Lord Bhikhu Parekh and is being held at 6pm, Thursday 1st November 2018 at the Peter Williams Lecture Theatre, University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH. Lord Parekh will look at how the current controversy about Britain and the European Union reflects two conflicting ways of seeing British national identity. For Brexiteers, Britain is both singular and global, having a history and a geography of its own that marks it off from the rest of the world. For Remainers, Britain has always been an integral part of Europe, and it is precisely its European roots that marks its character and global reach. Its membership of the European Union both expresses and reinforces British identity. He wants to ask what the debate about Brexit means for Leicester’s diverse communities today.


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